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We will host five shows, Monday through Friday, to highlight Mercy University’s student life, sports & athletes, academics & professors, alums, and much more.

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Mav Life

Mav Life MavCast logo

MavLife (Mercy MavCast)

Be informed on the weekly activities at all three campuses and virtually. Get engaged!


Mav Sports

Mercy Mav Cast MavSports logo

MavSports (Mercy MavCast)

Find out how all 11 Mercy Sports teams are doing and about Mercy’s student-athletes!


Mav Spotlight

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MavSpotlight (Mercy MavCast)

Hear about the unique careers of the Mercy & CNR alums & get advice on different fields!


Mav Academics

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MavAcademics (Mercy MavCast)

Listen to the background and motivational stories of the diverse, amazing faculty at Mercy!


Mav Mailbag

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MavMailbag (Mercy MavCast)

We will answer audience inquiries and have topical shows relevant to the Mercy community.